jQuery snowfall plugin – recreating Google’s “Let it Snow” effect

28 thoughts on “jQuery snowfall plugin – recreating Google’s “Let it Snow” effect”

    1. I would love to put that freeze effect. If I get enough time to work on that, I will certainly try to write that effect ( yes with a defrost button of course 🙂 )

    1. Include the jQuery plugin and then this plugin. Invoke the plugin as

      1. WordPress provides similar another feature though.
        In WordPress admin,
        Goto Settings -> General and check the box “Show falling snow on my blog until January 4th.” at the bottom of the page.

  1. Its Awesome..!
    Nice Post
    How To Use It? Please Help..!!
    I Am Searching For This Code About From 2 Days With Google Effects, Freezing + Defrost Button..
    Please Help..

    1. You mean a button to trigger the snow fall ?

      Anyways, if “snowfall” is the id of your button/div then:

      1. Please update the plugin source and call this function to stop more flakes from appearing on the screen.


  2. Hey man, i want to make it on a simple ‘div’, i’ve tried this with no success :


    tell me how to do please !

  3. IT’s SO SUPERB, BUT HOW TO USE THIS ASP.NET PAGE? how to write the body tag to asp.net?


    Thanks a lot.


  4. I’m not a techie whizz by any means…i have a very old macromedia 4 web design package…could I use it on there? Sorry if I’m wasting your time, it just looks great and I’d love to use it with my kids…

    1. If you can insert jquery library in your website, then you can use this plugin. I do not know specifically know about macromedia 4 design package.

  5. Lovely simple script with subtle effect.

    Is there a way to limit the effect to a particular area, e.g. banner please? I have changed the append(obj) target in the script and the call. The snow divs are all inserted into the correct area but they snow over the whole page!

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