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My major browser has changed from Firefox to Google Chrome. Amongst many things I miss from Firefox is the addon(GM script) to download videos from Vimeo.

I searched the web for the replacement of this addon but found none. So I thought I should write one myself. Taking the above script as the starting point of  my script, I wrote an extension that can download video from vimeo.

Here is how the script works:

Please find the extension at:

Here is how it looks:

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37 Responses to Vimeo Downloader Google Chrome Extension

  1. Arpat says:

    hi , i very like your vimeo downloader , your apps can download Allowed to download video , it`s very cool , could you write API to the Apps , please .

  2. justin says:

    Well, the video doesn’t download, It just opens in a new browser tab.

    • sul4bh says:

      The extension extract the video resource, the mp4 video, and opens it up in the browser tab. You can then then save that video with Ctrl + S (Cmd + S) to get the mp4 video.

      • Hi. When I try to save the video, it merely saves an .html file, which doesn’t play a video locally, when opened.

        Please advise what format the video is supposed to save in, and where one would find it after the saving process is finished.

        PS: I am using Google Chrome on a MacBook Pro.

        Thanks, Sean

  3. DED says:

    Hi, extension downloads only 1280×720 as HD and not original 1920×1080 that was uploaded

  4. David Lartey says:

    Thanks I just started using vimeo some few days ago and I’m getting as comfortable as I am on youtube.

  5. Gemra says:

    Hi, I really love your Vimeo downloader plug-in for Chrome, however it doesn’t seem to work now with Vimeo’s new look. Do you have plans of updating your plug-in too? It says it can’t fetch the XML anymore from the HTML5 video players.

    • sul4bh says:

      Thanks for you good words.
      I am already working on making the extension compatible for new Vimeo interface. The new version will be available soon.
      For now, first you should logout from Vimeo and then try downloading the video.

  6. Bomster says:

    Works like a charm!….love it!…thanks for the plug-in!

  7. Alex says:

    Any updates on the ability to download those videos which seem to be blocked? Here’s an example!
    Many thanks!

  8. Frank says:

    Hi there,

    I still get that

    “Couldn’t fetch XML. Error !”

    message when trying to save this video:

    Other videos seem to be work fine. Any ideas or hints that I could try in order to overcome this issue?!

    Thanks for this great extension, though – it worked fine for several other videos & keep the good work up! :-)

    Cheers, R.B.

    • sul4bh says:

      Sorry Frank. I am not being able to keep up with the changes Vimeo made to their system. I am busy with other stuffs.

  9. Paul says:

    can not download: Codehunters….

    I am not logged into vimeo as suggested above. I get this error:
    Couldn’t Fetch XML error
    If you fix this, could you send me a note.
    Thank you

  10. Matias says:

    Hi, the plugin is awesome and has helped me a lot! But now it’s not working for HD downloads :( (I’m trying to download this video I suppose it’s because the HD download has not been updated for the “new” vimeo yet. Have you got plans of doing so? Thank you very much! Regards

    • sul4bh says:

      I have fixed the issue. Please update the plugin to get version 2.2. HD video download should be working fine now.

      • Matias says:

        Awesome, it’s working now!

      • Frank says:

        Great – works for me now, too!!!

        Many thanks for the quick fix (though I know from your last post you’re very busy with other stuff)…

        Thanks again & Cheers, Frank

  11. ga-he says:

    Hi, Few week ago I used the extension it worked fine as hell, but now Im dowloading the same videos and HD isnt working D:


  12. S says:

    I’m missing something. I open the page with the video on it on the Vimeo site, whereabouts should i be looking for the download links? Can’t see them anywhere… <:/

  13. syashSimon says:

    Why does the extension now want to have access to my data on all websites and all tabs and browsing history?

    • sul4bh says:

      The extension runs a background script to know if the active tab is vimeo tab or not. So the extension needs to monitor all tabs.

  14. Brian says:

    When I click on the link it says the extension has been removed by author?

    • sul4bh says:

      Google took down the extension without mentioning any reason. I am trying to resolve this issue.

      I have updated the post and included instruction on how to install it manually. You can please refer to that. If you need any help, write me back.

  15. help? says:

    When I drag to install manually, it says Package is Invalid. Can you assist?

  16. Augure says:

    Currently testing, it seems to extract the mp4, I don’t know if it’s the highest quality, but it seems to work.

    Well done!

    • sul4bh says:

      Thank you :)

      If HD is available, ‘Get HD’ button will appear and it will fetch the highest quality video available to the public.

  17. thomasj says:

    Or you can use No extra plugins or software needed.

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